Wednesday, 12 August 2015

August '15 Entrepreneur of the Month - Natasha Nunes


This Month our unique entrepreneurial spirit is non other than Benoni's Salon Sultan
 - Natasha Nunes.
With women's day still lingering in the air we had to focus on a hard working, driven full fledged female, and Natasha was it!
You will know her as the owner and founder of Exclusively Me Salon.
Natasha's 'Exclusively Me' journey started way before her salon did, the name was actually thought up in a grade 10 business proposal and her entrepreneurial ambition lead her to open up the Salon in   2009.
Natasha had long dreamt of becoming a beauty therapist and nail artist so she hit the books and started at college. 
She then graduated with her beauty diploma and started working in a salon to gain  experience.
She now has advanced facial care, as well as Gel and Acrylic courses under her belt and continues to further her knowledge of business and marketing as she grows her salon.
Natasha's go getting spirit keeps her ahead of the pack and the services they offer are 'not stock standard' if you want something unique and exclusive, you'll be sure to find it here!

From Left Natasha Nunes (owner & Founder) and Myself.

From Left Myself and Natasha Nunes outside of the Exclusively Me Salon on O'riley Merry Street Benoni.
Natasha says her biggest challenge is managing people's expectation's, but her salon will always do their best to accommodate their clients.
'We work to provide excellent service all the time'.
Although we all want good service, good people are often hard to find, it seems many people are studying beauty therapy but not many peruse a career in the industry. As most entrepreneurs will know, people are the key to success!
 Put the right people in the right position and make sure their needs are met, and your company will reach new levels.
Natasha puts this into play with her Exclusive Team.
Not only does she believe in correctly training and growing her employees she believes that the training never stops, she is constantly helping and coaching her team to flourish.
From Left Nail Technician and Beauty Therapist Cynthia and Myself, getting some Exclusive Treatment!

Nail art for the win!
This family run business  really offers that 'personal interaction', and focuses on top quality treatments and products.

'Our mission is to have each client feel exclusive' 


Enjoying the pampered life, with Tea of Course!!!
This Enthusiastic, Empowering, Entrepreneur loves what she does and encourages those who are passionate about beauty to peruse a career in the industry.
It's all about people and Natasha is grateful for her hard working staff and loyal clients.
The future looks bright for this fruitful enterprise, Natasha hopes to Teach and train students who are looking to grow their beauty career. She also plans to introduce new treatments and products as well as expand the brand with a nail bar.

The sky is the limit for this Benoni Beauty and we are most certain that Exclusively Me is going somewhere quickly!
From Make up and Massages to Hair and Nails this pamper palace is definitely where you can find it all.
Keep reading our blog for our beauty posts courtesy of Exclusively Me Salon.
Exclusively Me
158 O'riley Merry Street
Northmead Benoni
For Bookings Call
(011) 425 68698
or Follow their Facebook Page

Friday, 3 July 2015

Entrepreneur of the Month Mishka Morrison

I have long thought of creating an entrepreneurial segment on our blog.
I have always had a fascination with the elite group of
'stick it to the man-ers' the 'desk ditchers' the folks who bring their dreams down to earth and make them happen! 
Over the years I've met a few special and unique entrepreneurial spirits and I would really just like to share their story's with all of you.
Who knows it may inspire you to start up our own small business.
This Month I would like to focus on Mishka Morrison the founder and owner of a Trendy Clothing Boutique called Me & You Clothing 
situated Braamfontein Johannesburg.  
Mishka Morrison Owner and Founder of Me and You Clothing Boutique.
Interviewing Mishka was such a delight!, It's easy to see when someone loves what they do, we spoke about where it all began, Mishka's personal style and how Me and you is promoting local designers.
 This young, South African born, Kenyan raised entrepreneur first launched her boutique as Me co. in 2012 and later changed the name to Me and You Clothing as a more relatable name for the store. She says that women from ages 18 -50 can find something they love and the store boasts international as well as local threads.
This heart felt store cares about helping each of us express our unique identity through our clothing and dream's of stocking fashion forward ladies items that are made with love and strike a sense of intrigue with the buyer.
'A story is everything' says Mishka,
'People relate to a story.' 
  One of the reason's I have been so taken back by Mishka and her Beautiful boutique is because of her continuous quest to stock and promote young local designers. Mishka say's this store gives lesser known designers a platform to show case their talents.  
She says her favourite thing about owning her boutique is constantly being on the lookout for new talent.
Her Eye for fashion has attracted several local designers to showcase their talent and give the public a taste of what our beautiful country has to offer.
Me & You Clothing boasts 3 Johannesburg based designers
1 Durban Based designer and 2 African Designers.
Mishka Plans to expand into Cape Town and Africa in the future but is currently finalising prospects of a second store in Jo'burg
I think the core of Me and You Clothing is about finding unique items that are special, rare and leave you with a twinkle in your eye. Mishka Says the store hosts something for the more conservative girl as well as the high fashionista's who want to be seen!
Me and you clothing tries to steer clear of mass production and sources items that are long lasting and have a unique story.
She say's clothing has a personality and she tries to showcase that through each item.

Mishka's Personal Style

Mishka clearly has a love for interestingly beautiful things and this comes through in her personal style. She says she draws inspiration from blogs and the street front of her store.
She also likes incorporating ethnic items into her everyday wear and appreciates hand crafted goods for the love that goes into them.
She tells us that breathable, natural fabrics are amongst her favourite textures, as they are comfortable and easy wearing, but also enjoys showing off her 'girly' side with a good dress.  
We loved chatting to this young business women who is clearly on the rise to bigger and greater things. We are so inspired by entrepreneurs such as Mishka who are actively creating a platform for local talent whilst paving a path through Africa's Fashion Industry.  
We are very proud to say that you will find our summer threads in store and we wish Mishka and her Boutique much growth and many happy sales.

Where to find Me & You Clothing

Shop 10 70 Juta Street Braamfontein Johannesburg.


If you have a small business and want us to cover your story or know of someone who is doing great entrepreneurial  things drop us a mail

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Capsule Collection - My Year In Review


It's been a while... I lie, it's been a year since our last post so we've decided to bring you up to speed in a capsule-type insert.... Here we go!!!

Off To The Races

 July 2014 was our first time at the Vodacom Durban July and our Threads of Rosemary top 10 Finalist design afforded us a ticket in as well as front row seats to Fashion Show and Party Spectaculars that make this event so special!
The Theme was 'The Big Screen', so we debuted a Great Gatsby inspired number.
 Here are some of our favourite moments.
Our 1920's Great Gatsby Inspired Number, shining in Studio.
Myself and my cheeky 1920's design.

Embroidered horse detail on nude tule.

I managed to snap a quick pic with well known South African Designer David Tlale.

Cover Girl

I remember getting the call from Michael Ferguson at Caxton asking me to be on the cover of the Get it Magazine. I was like,
'Are you for real!??'
I knew it was an incredible platform for my baby start- up , And I knew from that day onwards people would see
Threads of Rosemary in a different light!
 So I conditioned my signature curls, slipped on our Summer Threads and said CHEESE!!!!

Get it November 2014  // Rosemary Designs In the Fashion Pages

Off Beat and On Trend by Michael Ferguson.
Some insight into the world of Threads of Rosemary.


I would often find myself browsing the shop windows of Braamfontein in Johannesburg CBD.
There is something there that keeps me going back, not a particular thing but an energy,
it's a very revitalizing place!
 However this Summer day was a uniquely special one,  I glanced in at The Me & You Clothing Boutique and was welcomed in by non other than Mishka Morrison owner and founder of this gorgeous store!
Rocking one of our Lime Green Designs sparked conversation and from then onwards our Threads hung amongst the many South African Designed pieces.
I have the most incredible amount of respect for this gorgeous person!
Being an entrepreneur and a self made goal getter is no easy task, Yet she does it with panache and drive and still manages to house and promote Local Designers every step of the way!

Street View, Me and You Clothing Boutique,
Juta Street Braamfontein.

Mishka Morrison - Owner and Founder of Me and You Clothing Boutique Braamfontein Johannesburg.
Always boasting new stock in store!

Myself and Mishka taking a quick selfie!


My determination to make Threads of Rosemary a household name landed me a casting to be a contestant on a first time reality TV show called She's The One. 
Edgars in association with SABC3 was looking for a Female Brand Ambassador that was Unique and Multi Dimensional, and needless to say.. a Fashionista!
#Where do I sign???

I remember the sense of excitement I felt after receiving a call back to film the first episode.
I had no idea what I was In for but I knew an opportunity like this was like finding a four leafed clover!
I Packed my bags and hoped for the best, I must say the experience was enchanting and thinking of it now, a behind the scenes post seems in order...
But for now here are some of my favourite snippets from the show.

Edgars and She's the One Promo. 

The Winning Pic in a Denim Challenge we did.

My good friend and roommate in the house, Bainca.

Top Three Finalists Pelisha , Myself and Linda.
Myself and She's the One Presenter Lunga Shabalala.
Top 3 finalists the beautiful Pelisha, the inspiring Linda and Myself at the American Authors Interview Challenge.

Starting from top left going clockwise,
The She's the One top 5 contestants, Creators of the show Yusef  and Alisha with Anele, and the American Authors.
Representing Benoni in the Benoni City Times.
All the S.T.O Ladies at the Season Finale 
I would say the experience was enlightening and empowering, meeting so many inspirational and determined women left me feeling both proud and ambitious! 
Being the first runner up was something I would never have imagined possible and being a part of this maiden venture was a true journey! 
 I am so pleased that companies such as Edgars, Sabc3 and Cheeky Media have taken an interest in creating a platform for young ambitious South African Women. 
I have no doubt that She's the One Winner Linda Sifumba will go on to do  many great things, but I also believe that each contestant will benefit from this tremendous platform each in their own unique way!
I applaud Edgars and Cheeky Media for their originality and creativity on this show and I feel blessed to have been a part of it!


I think we all get to a point in our lives where it's important to look back and see where we came from and how we've grown. we don't need to dwell on the past, but rather savour the taste before we cleanse our palette for the next course.

In April 2014 I made a decision to become an entrepreneur and start up my own company, at the time I may have just been following my dreams and throwing caution to the wind,
but more than a year later I speak about Threads of Rosemary with conviction and confidence! I know now more than ever that I'm exactly where I'm meant to be.
 I look back knowing that each life event has not happened because I wished it so, it's happened because I put my faith before my logic and only if and when it should be,
 it will be.

So  I plan to continue carving my sculpture and when I look up,  hopefully it's a masterpiece.
I suppose the best part of being an entrepreneur is the uncertainty of what lies ahead!
See ya soon







Friday, 13 June 2014


This Range was literally an exploration of explosive, impulsive idea's, Yes, my good old friend 'creativity' paid me a visit!
This is what he left behind!

I absolutely love this zip thru poncho, she's definitely the star piece of this range!

I wanted this range to question the viewers' conception of beauty, this type of blanket is used as a 'dog blanket' in South Africa, So it's definitely a risky item for the consumer.

 I was surrounded by interest of this material, it's properties and benefits. I was excited about it's composition because from  what I understand, these blankets are a factory pressed mingle of run off fabrics.

 Recycled Fashion- I like!

I knew that in order for this range to be well perceived, the items had to have a certain polish and femininity to them.
I added 'leather' and 'suede' to give this range an edgy feel.
I paid special attention to my silhouettes, I wanted good fits, whilst  still acknowledging the comfort of the material.
Classical patterns, with youthful finishes were my building blocks.
And I used a bold black binding to pull all these elements together.

Bringing in the Sky-lined Tops, hair bows and printed fabrics break the monochrome of the range, and give it a certain playfulness!
This is the back view of my beloved blanket poncho.
I thought adding a leather-like strip would give this piece a certain edge!

I have such a deep connection to Johannesburg City,
This theme seems to present itself in every range I do. #ILUVJOZI

This African print material had such a strong influence on me.
I thought this unusual shape gave it that extra bite!

Take a Bow!
Yellow cushion hair bows, FUN!

All in all, I loved watching the reactions of each person's face when they saw I had made a designer range out of 'dog blankets'.

 Creating a feeling, good... or bad.
Intriguing thought and interest.
After all, isn't that the point!?
Thank you

See You Soon!
Recycled Fashion - I Like!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

ROSEMARY VINTAGE- Behind The Camera!

I recently acquired another line of clothing under the leaves of Threads of Rosemary, I have so many ideas and plans, but I decided to pick a few that I love, Rosemary Vintage is one...


Rosemary Vintage is my first offering and this will be my way of sending feelers into the market, basically getting to know your style better!

Rosemary Vintage is my selection of vintage styles that I feel have something to offer to the modern day fashioners. I carefully select pieces that have personality, and originality! They are freshened, tweaked and then they are sent out into the world for a second adventure!

Adopting clothes, is not for everyone!
Some appreciate the idea, but just can't seem to put themselves in something that has seen places they have not! I on the other hand..
love it, I've been wearing vintage since before it was hipster!

My mother has had a second hand clothing store since my childhood days, and I guess I just grew up with a few more 'hand-me-downs' than the average Joe! At the time I hated it, and wanted to pick my own clothes but as I grew older I learnt that I could create unique looks that no one else could ever replicate. It taught me to combine fabric's and textures and old with new, it helped me to hone in on styling that could only be experienced, and never taught! I guess you could say this is where my love for fashion birthed.

People always tell me that I combine the weirdest things, yet always pull them off, and that they could never wear what I wear. Yes I feel my strongest when I look a little off the beat, being out of the comfort zone is my comfort zone.
However, The key is to take what you like and make it work, it's just about making your own style, stylish. You are never going to look good and be at your best if you feel uncomfortable in what you are wearing!

The most genuinely awesome thing about Rosemary Vintage is that you never know what you are going to find! There is always something unexpected and awesome. Sure sizing is a bit of a downfall but when the shoe does fit, it's a damn good feeling!

My plan for this line is have as much of a natural process as possible. Heritage and Nostalgia will always feature greatly in my work, because it's part of who I am but this brand is about celebrating age and character. Why buy something that is made to look like it's from the 70's, when you can have something from the actual 70's??? I'm sure they did it better any way's!  I don't know!,  I just feel that walking into a party with a sense of outfit security is better than standing next to your mate for a 'who-wore-it-best' pic!

Besides, our market is drenched with imported, poor quality product that demotes what we stand for! It's time to re-use and re purpose a bit. We say it and we preach it, but do we actually do it?
I think wearing your opinion is a pretty good place to start!

Yes we love to watch the Mylies, Justins and Taylors of the world being young, fresh, frivolous but no one did it like the Madonna's, Bowie's, and Kurt's!!!! #Just Saying!

Here are some of my favourite shots from the Open Road shoot I did for Rosemary Vintage.
Take a look!

I love this shot, it's so natural and poised! It was the perfect day for this shoot. We decided that late afternoon would be best for mood and lighting, and the clouds couldn't have formed better if I painted them there myself. #blessed

This pic and a few others were taken the week before on a gloomier day which made for it's own sweet pie.
I just love this unapologetic pose.
The storm is coming!

Looking Out!
Cosmos & Clouds

Granny's heel's from the 50's & 60's- great for sling back Saturday's

Thank you to my models, My bestie and my sister! You guys were amazing!
Thanks for not questioning my creativity and just riding the wave!

X- Bye For Now -X


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Trend Friend - A/W '14

'Trend Friend'

I always wonder to myself, what will they show us this time?
What could they possibly present to us, that we haven't already been exposed to?
Well!!!! Designers are set with that tricky task, yet always seem to WOW us out!
I  guess that's just what they do... what they're good at, what we're good at!
Inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime and from anyone! Converting that vision into a tangible being, is the hard part.
So lets take a look at a few visions that stood out at Fashion Week.

This Trend really stood out for me, and I think we are going to see it in hem lines, neck-lines sleeves and every other possible Faucet of the human figure.

 Chalayan does it dimensionally with asymmetric details and sultry slit.
YSL hit the ground running with intriguing hemlines, pampered
knits, and a refreshing view on layering.

Dior Added some electricity to the current with splashes of colour and asymmetrical designs that seemed to peel off from another decade.
This next trend cannot be ignored.
Although this may not be my favourite pantone, True Blue is definitely back with vengeance!
Dress up in this lux hue this winter, and don't hide your panache beneath your coat!
Sleeveless coats are proving to be the way to let colour pull through.
And to be entirely honest, Navy's, Charcoal's & Darker shades host this True Blue trend beautifully!
 The Ice Queen.
Metallic Masterpieces are taking us by snow storm this year!
This overt design is just the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to this trend.
 We see a more melted metal with this two piece.
There is still eternal sheen but it's broken by batting detail and texture.
 A powerful winter tartan makes such a statement!
We love it for it's warmth and it's connection to heritage.
Tartan with a twist, this playful print reflects a youthful feel and hypes up the mood.


  A powerful contrast.
This heavily pleated midi puts an interesting spin on an age old classic.
And There it is.... 5 of the biggest trends for those winter weeks.
See it, interpret it, and make it your own!